3 autolifters caught in Badaun, 8 bikes recovered: residents of Khandwa village are vicious, search continues for two gang members

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SSP and SP countryside informed about the good work of the police

In Badaun, the police have exposed the autolifter gang. 3 autolifters have been arrested by the police. While 2 vicious men of this gang are absconding. Police have recovered 8 stolen bikes from them. Before taking them to the court after writing against everyone, the police presented them in front of SSP Dr. OP Singh and SP Dehat Siddharth Verma. Here the SSP has unveiled the developments through a press conference.

Police team reached autolifters with police line

Police team reached autolifters with police line

In a press conference held in the Police Line Auditorium, the SSP said that during the checking by the Ughati police station, the police arrested Tinku, Shishupal and Jitendra residents of Khandwa village from Khandwa-Amanabad intersection. While two of his accomplices fled from there. Eight stolen bikes were recovered at the behest of the accused. While a pistol 12 bore and a knife were also found from the accused.
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The accused confessed that after stealing the bikes, they put fake number plates of local numbers on them. The specialty is that the number of the bike running on Badaun of the same model is put on the bike of the respective model. With this, if a customer checks on any app, then the information comes out correct and comes to trust. After this the bikes are sold to him at a low price. Whereas later they also give assurance to name the vehicle.

Bikes recovered from vehicle thieves

Bikes recovered from vehicle thieves

The accused escaped
According to the police, Munish of Kotha village of Ughaiti and Yashpal of Himmatpur village of Thana Dhanari area of ​​Sambhal have absconded. Search for him is going on. On the basis of the chassis numbers of the recovered bikes, they have been traced, all were stolen from non-districts. Information has also been sent to their owners by the concerned police station about the capture of the bike.

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