3 accused who killed dairy operator arrested: In Rewa, addicts attacked with knife, scissors, baseball with the intention of robbery, younger brother died due to stabbing in chest, second serious

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Barricades were put up for protest at the family’s hospital square.

  • Padiya mode case under Chorhata police station

Three accused who killed the dairy operator in Rewa district have been arrested. Disclosing this, the police said that 3 drug addicts attacked with knife, scissors, baseball with the intention of robbery in Padiya mode under Chorhata police station. At the time of the incident, the younger brother died due to stabbing in the chest. While the other brother is fighting for life in the hospital.

After the attack, the injured informed the relatives. After which the Chorhata police were informed after reaching the spot of the house. Immediately both the brothers were admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Smriti Hospital. Where a brother died during treatment. While the other is being admitted and given treatment.

this is the case
Chorhata police station in-charge Inspector Avnish Pandey said that on the night of August 23, at 9 o’clock, both brothers Arunendra Yadav son Raghavendra Yadav (20) and Nikesh Yadav son Raghavendra Yadav (19) closed the dairy in Shardapuram under the same police station and were riding different bikes in Satna district. K is going to Khajuri village. On reaching Padia Mode, Brajesh alias Pinku Pandey, both resident of Ankit Pandey, resident of Doma and Dinesh alias Gorelal Mishra, resident of Devra attacked in a bike.

Seriously injured younger brother dies
Nikesh Yadav had a knife in his chest in the attack with the intention of robbery. At the same time, the brother who was intervening was attacked with a baseball and bled. The police arrived after the information of the attack reached SGMH with both the brothers. Where Nikesh died during treatment. In such a situation, the Chorhata police took up the investigation by setting up section 302, 307, 341, 34 of crime number 575/22 IPC.

Arrest after ruckus
On the second day of the afternoon of 24 August, several teams of police became active after the ruckus and vandalism that took place at the time of PM in the hospital chowk. After which the possible hideouts of the accused were raided. Also, with the help of cyber cell, Brajesh alias Pinku Pandey, Ankit Pandey and Dinesh alias Gorelal Mishra were arrested and taken into judicial custody. He was presented in the court on the evening of 25 August. From where the court has issued a jail warrant and sent it to the Central Jail Rewa.

Demonstration after the murder of dairy operator in Rewa: Two brothers were stabbed by bike riders at night, angry family members jammed, vandalized

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