150 villages in Raisen flooded, NH-69 closed in Narmadapuram: Chambal water level rises, 200 villages on alert; Elderly dies due to lack of treatment in Mandsaur

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  • Indore Khandwa Link Lost; The Boat Sailed In Vidisha; Elderly Death Due To Lack Of Treatment In Mandsaur

Bhopal3 hours ago

It has been raining in Madhya Pradesh for three days. Strong water fell again in Bhopal at 2.30 pm. After a while the rain stopped. The 36-inch quota has been completed in the state. Due to incessant rains, 19 gates of Gandhi Sagar Dam in Mandsaur have been opened. After the opening of the gate, an alert has been issued from Madhya Pradesh to Rajasthan’s Kota. here, Chambal river in Morena Has reached the danger zone. 16 gates of Kota Barrage Dam of Rajasthan have been opened. Due to this the water level in Chambal river is continuously increasing. There is a danger of drowning 200 villages here. after heavy rain Raisen All the river ponds in the district were in spate due to which many roads were closed, while many villages lost their road connectivity with the city. The road is closed due to 4 feet of water on Raisen Vidisha Marg. 150 villages are engulfed by floods.

Here situated between Itarsi-Betul road of Narmadapuram district sukhtawa bridge But till the completion of Bailey Bridge, traffic has been completely banned. Due to heavy rains, the temporary route of Sukhtwa bridge is closed due to submergence of the back water of Tawa river. Deputy Collector Narmadapuram Manoj Singh Thakur has told that now vehicles will be able to reach Narmadapuram via Itarsi, Jujharpur, Hirankheda, Dharmakundi, Bhiltdev, Seoni Malwa to Timarni, Dhekna, District Narmadapuram to Chicholi, District Betul via District Betul.

Traffic has been stopped near Sukhtwa on Itarsi-Betul road.

Due to the incessant rains in Mandsaur for the last two days, an elderly man could not get treatment and died. The case is of village Arnia Nizamuddin, 8 km from the district headquarters. Where drains But due to lack of water, the elderly could not get treatment on time. Troubles did not end even after death, villagers for funeral of elderly booming Waiting for the water to come down from the drain. But their wait was not over. people after all After taking out the funeral procession from the middle of the overflowing drain, the dead body was taken to the cremation ground.

Shivna river is in spate in Mandsaur.  On Tuesday morning again Shivana's water entered the Pashupatinath temple.  The four faces of Bholenath were submerged due to water entering the sanctum.

Shivna river is in spate in Mandsaur. On Tuesday morning again Shivana’s water entered the Pashupatinath temple. The four faces of Bholenath were submerged due to water entering the sanctum.

After 16 years, Bhopal received the highest rainfall of 1 day in August. Bhopal received 14.18 inches of rain in 36 hours. The capital has received more than 65 inches of rain so far. Ratlam has received 6 inches of rain overnight. It rained heavily on Tuesday as well. Narmada river is flowing above the danger mark in Narmadapuram. Due to heavy rains in Vidisha, boats had to be plying on the roads. About 2000 thousand people were engulfed by the flood. It has been raining in Mandsaur since night. A house collapsed in Rajgarh due to heavy rain. A woman died after being buried under the rubble. Additional SP of Dewas district Suryakant Sharma said that the Narmada river is flowing 6 feet above the danger mark in Nemavar, at present the situation is normal.

bridge over sindh riverDabra lost contact with Gwalior

The bridge built on the Sindh river near Badgor village in Dabra Ka Bhitarwar was washed away by the strong current of water. When the slab above it broke, the approach road was also completely broken. Due to the breakdown of this bridge, the connectivity of Gwalior, Datia and Shivpuri districts has been lost. here, alot Due to the torrential rains since Sunday morning, many colonies and houses were flooded. Many villages were cut off from Alot.

Indore-Khandwa road link broken

After rising water level of Narmada river on Indore-Ichhapur road Moratka Bridge Traffic has been stopped. Due to its closure, the road connectivity of Indore-Khandwa has been broken. Police force has been deployed on the bridge.

Shivna river in spate in Mandsaur

Shivna river is in spate in Mandsaur. On Tuesday morning once again the water of Shivana entered the Pashupatinath temple. Four faces of Bholenath drowned due to water entering the sanctum.

Today there is a warning of lightning with thunder in Bhopal-Indore

There is a possibility of rain in Dhar, Alirajpur, Jhabua and Ratlam districts. There is a warning of thunder and lightning in Bhopal division, Indore division, Ujjain, Dewas, Shajapur, Agar, Chambal, Gwalior, Shahdol, Rewa, Jabalpur and Sagar.

Let us now tell the condition of the districts with heavy rains …

Floods have worsened the situation in Vidisha.  Due to the flood of Betwa river, water entered the village of Nateran.  The administration team has rescued the people and shifted them to another place.

Floods have worsened the situation in Vidisha. Due to the flood of Betwa river, water entered the village of Nateran. The administration team has rescued the people and shifted them to another place.

2000 people surrounded by flood in Vidisha

Betwa is flowing three feet above the danger mark due to about 8 inches of rain during the day. The water of the river has entered the villages including the city. Water entered about 40 shops due to filling 8 feet of water in Ramlila area. Raipur Basti, Janki Nagar, Buxaria area is also filled with 4 to 5 feet of water. Due to this, people were rescued by boating on the roads. About 2000 people have been affected by the floods. The team rescued 6 children of a family in the morning along with the sick woman. The work of evacuating people from more than 40 villages continued till late night. Four teams have so far rescued 200 people. The filter plant of Vidisha municipality has submerged in water. Due to which there will be no drinking water supply in the city on Tuesday evening.

Betwa river is in spate in Vidisha. Due to this water has entered many villages. Four teams of the administration have rescued 200 people so far.

People are being accommodated in resorts in Mandsaur

There is a water logging situation in Ashoknagar, Khanpura, Shani Vihar, Pashupatinath temple areas of Mandsaur district. Apart from this, 4 to 5 feet of water has been filled in Fatehgarh village adjacent to Fourlane Highway. Rescue team is engaged in rescue work. The Municipality President said that people are being accommodated in the resort. Motor pump has been arranged to remove water. After the rain in 8 photos, the scene of Mandsaur

28 people were rescued by helicopter in Vidisha

In Mudiyakheda of Gadla Gram Panchayat of Vidisha, 28 villagers were safely rescued by Air Force helicopter. At the same time, SDERF Gwalior 8 in Sawalhera of Ashoknagar and 6 people trapped for two days in village Upari of Guna district were safely evacuated.

163 villages surrounded by flood in Raisen

14 districts of the state remained troubled due to heavy rains. More than five inches of rain has been recorded in 10 places. Among these, the highest rainfall after Bhopal was 13.96 inches in Biaora of Rajgarh. worst case Raisen, Ashoknagar, Guna. 163 villages of Raisen have been engulfed in flood water. Raisen’s road connectivity with Bhopal-Sagar has been cut off due to overflowing river and drain. Hingoni and Janakpuri villages under Bairasia tehsil of Bhopal have become islands. The water is rising continuously.

The condition of the districts with more rain…

Intermittent rain in Indore for 36 hours

While there is a period of heavy rain in other cities of the state, it rained intermittently in the last 36 hours in Indore. During this time it has rained more than half an inch. In this way, 35 inches of rain have fallen so far while the average rainfall figure is 36.6 inches. Drizzle all night, now there is a possibility of heavy rain; 35 inches so far, one and a half inches behind the average

Bridge damage in Guna, rail traffic closed

Rail traffic has come to a standstill in Guna due to bridge damage in Kumbhraj area of ​​the district. Train going to Indore has been stopped at Ruthiai in Guna. Trains have also been diverted. Gwalior division commissioner and IG are also going to reach Guna in some time. In view of the emergency situation, the administration has also demanded a helicopter from the government. Around 250 villagers stranded at different places; Helicopters were ordered from the government; rail traffic affected

Shipra river in spate due to rain

The rain which started in Ujjain and surrounding areas from Sunday night continued till Tuesday morning. The water level of Shipra river has increased, but it is only till the Ghats. Many temples located on the ghats were submerged due to the rising water level. Home Guard personnel have also been deployed at the ghats. Rain continues for 24 hours, temple at Ramghat submerged

Temples and ghats were submerged in Ujjain due to the rise of the Shipra river.

Temples and ghats were submerged in Ujjain due to the rise of the Shipra river.

Sagar: Vidisha Road remained closed for three hours

The gold and dhasan rivers are in spate in the district. Major roads of Rahatgarh, Khurai remained closed. On the Sagar-Vidisha road, the Bawana river continued to climb throughout the day. Jaisinagar in Sagar received 7.4 inches of rain. Rain of difficulties: Drains were not built even in 10 years in Kachayana locality, result – 2 feet of water was filled overnight in 40 houses

Sehore: Alert in a dozen villages

Narmada is flowing above the danger mark due to 5 inches of rain. 15 villages have been alerted. The administration has evacuated the Somalwada village of Budni.

18 gates of Omkareshwar Dam opened in Khandwa

18 gates of Omkareshwar Dam of Khandwa have been opened. The height of the gates was increased on the basis of information received from Flood Control Cell Omkareshwar Power Station. Under this, the work of releasing water from 18 gates is being managed by the dam. In which about 10 thousand cumecs of water will be removed. 10 thousand cumecs of water will flow, the water left from the power house along with the dam VIDEO

Railway track damaged due to river water, Indore-Kota route closed: Passengers said – sitting at the station for 3 hours, do not know when they will reach home; 9 trains diverted

child drowned in neemuch floods

A 7 year old boy got washed away in the flood of Idar river in Neemuch. Pankaj father Anil Garasiya, a child of Sundi village of Manasa police station area, had gone to see the flood with friends. During this, his slippers started flowing, in the process of catching the boy also fell into the river. Some youths even jumped immediately to save him. The child could not be saved. The administration team is looking for him. watch video

Sindh again floods in Bhind district

After a year in Bhind district, flood situation has become again. Flood situation has started in 20 villages on the banks of Sindh river. Taking precautions, people of some villages including Bharauli have started reaching the safe place by packing the belongings of the houses. Villagers scared after seeing the water of Sindh, packing their household items and reaching a safe place

Pregnant woman got crossed by JCB drain: Ambulance stuck at one end of the overflowing drain, MLA and people bulldozers carried it to another ambulance

Elderly died waiting for water to recede: The funeral procession came out through a 4-feet filled drain, people have been demanding to build a bridge for years.

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